Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So, here is a program dedicated to helping people do things that I could never do.  Like rock climbing.  I went rock climbing once.  And I really want to stress the "once" part because me and heights do not go well together even if I am standing on a rock.  I really don't do much of anything but fiddle around on my computer and play the Sims (as discussed in a previous post), but I can click a button like a champ!  I think people who are not tempted to vomit and/or faint when way up high are pretty impressive.  I think people who do anything active are impressive, actually and that is why I am rooting for Summit Quest Adventures to win this Pepsi Refresh Everything...thing.   I'm not really a "plugger" but it would be awesome if this group got this support because they help people and helping is good good.

So, in lieu of rambling on about my sad life which I'm sure you all were highly looking forward to...go HERE and vote for Summit Quest Adventures.

Here is a picture of storm troopers on wiener dogs for your enjoyment and as a "thanks" for going to vote.

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